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Coffee News paper bags – Medium

Coffee News paper bags – Medium

Handmade, Eco-Friendly Paper Bags made from leftover coffee news flyers. It has a vintage look, very light to carry but strong to carry up to 12 lbs of weight. Its handmade by refugee or newcomer women with language barriers or youth with disabilities.
We clean it, fold it, glue it, and handmade paper bags. Our goal is to save trees, reduce carbon emissions, reduce landfill, save water, oil etc. We directly convert newsprints, magazines into paper bags without any chemicals. Our paper bags are 100% eco friendly.
Dimensions = 10 1/4 * 4 1/2 * 13 1/2 (L * W * H) in Inches
We Offer bulk discounts
Note: The bags are not food grade, The paper bags come with random printing content.

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