Glen Breton Ice 19 Year Old - 53.7%- 250ml

Glen Breton Ice 19 Year Old - 53.7%- 250ml

Glen Breton Ice is our single malt whisky finished in an ice wine barrel. At the suggestion from a Glen Breton fan, Glenora approached Jost Vineyards, an award wining Nova Scotia winery, requesting to use one of their oak barrels once used for their Ortega Ice Wine to finish one of Glenora's cask strength whiskies. 

With the partnership in place the experiment began.  Because ice wine is powerful in its own unique way Glenora tasted the whisky each day as it picked up trace hints of sweetness and fruit from the grape.  After 4 months it was felt that the ideal finish was achieved.  

Tasting Notes Nose – Honey, Cinnamon, Apple, Vanilla Palate – Grape Peel, Sweet Apple, Vanilla, Hazlenuts, Spice Finish – Sweet, with lingering berry, Wine, Maple

Awards Innovator of the Year Award, 2008

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