A free program for all Nova Scotia manufacturers to raise awareness of your locally built products.

Registered companies include:




Benefits of Joining

We offer a digital branded logo that can be used on your products and marketing materials to help promote your locally made products to your neighbours. It will help Nova Scotians easily identify which products their neighbours built so they can make informed buying decisions.

Approved product lists will be shared with retailers to encourage new connections. Our goal is to expand the awareness of what is Nova Scotia Made to help consumers make informed decisions. We will proudly promote your products through our various channels and through our partners.

  • Promote your locally made products more clearly with the Nova Scotia Made logo
  • Increased exposure to consumers: listing space on our website to improve your product and company visibility
  • Connect with Nova Scotia retailers who are interested in stocking more local products
  • Amplification opportunities on social media
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Get Involved

Once the form is complete, we will review, confirm the details and provide your company with a digital logo that can be used on qualifying products and on your marketing materials (including social media, websites, brochures and more). If you’re interested in ordering Nova Scotia Made labels, email

  • Use the Nova Scotia Made logo on your qualifying products and as part of your product promotion with consumers
  • Tell your customers to look for the logo where you sell your products

*Note: Qualifying manufactured goods are those that have undergone their last substantial transformation in the province of Nova Scotia. This does not necessarily mean these goods qualify for under "Made in Canada" labeling requirements as determined by the Competition Bureau of Canada.

Raising Awareness

  • Manufacturers: Working to build a listing of what is Nova Scotia Made, providing access to the Nova Scotia Made logo, and encourage participation throughout the province
  • Retailers: Providing point-of-sale materials for in-store promotion of Nova Scotia Made products and encouraging retailer-manufacturer connections to bring more local products to consumers.
  • Consumers: Providing a searchable consumer database to help them find Nova Scotia Made products, and sharing posts throughout our channels (including social media) to highlight and promote Nova Scotia Made goods