Nearly 75% of Nova Scotians are looking to buy locally manufactured goods over imported ones, help consumers make informed purchasing decisions and promote your locally sourced products by registering as an Nova Scotia Made retailer today.

As a Nova Scotia Made retailer you will get access to:

  • Our digital Nova Scotia Made logo to use in store, on your website and social media channels, and any other promotional materials as you see fit.
  • Complimentary point-of-sale materials to help you showcase Nova Scotia Made products in your store, at no cost to you.
  • Access to our list of 10,000+ registered Nova Scotia Made products, to help you forge new connections with local suppliers.
  • A public Retailer Listing on our website to help consumers shop local at your store.
  • Opportunities to be featured on our social media channels and participate in potential site visits and photo ops.

Eligible retailers are those that sell Nova Scotia Made products in-store, online, or through any other channel of their choice. Registered manufacturers can qualify as a retailer if they currently sell Nova Scotia Made products in addition to their own manufactured goods, and/or operate a physical retail store.

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Raising Awareness

  • Manufacturers: Working to build a listing of what is Nova Scotia Made, providing the Nova Scotia Made logo, and encouraging participation throughout the province
  • Retailers: Providing point-of-sale materials for in-store promotion of Nova Scotia Made products and encouraging retailer-manufacturer connections to bring more local products to consumers.
  • Consumers: Providing a searchable consumer database to help them find Nova Scotia Made products, and sharing posts throughout our channels (including social media) to highlight and promote Nova Scotia Made goods